$40,000-50,000 In-game cash bonus for Police & EMS.


NoSmokeRP is a Serious RP server that has gained a reputation for its commitment to providing an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for all its players. The team behind NSRP works diligently every day to enhance the overall gameplay and make it more engaging and interactive for everyone.



Gain access to the Shift + E feature, where you can tackle your suspect in style. A 15 second cooldown for each tackle is required.

A fully functional MDT system, connected with multiple scripts like our advanced dispatch system. Keep track of house warrants, players, fines, jailing, etc.

Protect the streets in the correct uniforms, Hand made clothing for our Rockford Police Department. Free boot replacements.

The Rockford police keeps its standards high, so we require a special department that can handle collecting scene bullet casings, search for fingerprints inside vehicles, and work close with our DOJ department for evidence reports!

The police can break down player owned housings with proof of criminal activity inside a property. This requires the Chief to be on scene to perform.

An advanced camera speed tracking system, Protect the streets from high speeding drunk drivers, Fines go straight to the department for future plans!


Explore over 10 types of drugs! Each one has its own level of addiction, but they also come with unique benefits for roleplay. You can get drug prescriptions from our Pillbox Hospital to help overcome addiction. Each drug is taken differently and has distinct side effects.



Help the community with players having issues with drugs, Cure their drug addictions with medications, aswell as stop blood loss.

A fully functional MDT system, connected with multiple scripts like our advanced dispatch system. Keep track of recent patients, active calls, and much more!

Help players in the correct uniform for every scenario, Fully hand made outfits for our EMS department.

An advanced stretcher system, You are able to pull a stretcher anywhere, aswell as put inside any official EMS vehicle.

Diagnose any player with issues like gun shot wounds, stab wounds, burn wounds, etc. Pull out any tools needed on sight with your EMS bag. Remove bullets with tweezers & revive with defibrators.

We have a huge EMS department located at Pillbox, Fully unique with 2 functional helipads and elevators.


We worked hard to make sure each vehicle feels just right. Every car has its own special way of handling, making it feel like you’re really driving. Plus, we made sure the sounds match, adding to the realistic experience.

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